Fifth Chakra
Sanskirt Name: Visshuda

Location: Base of Throat

Color: Blue

Central Issue: Communication

Orientation to Self: Self Expression

Governs: Communication and Personal magnetism. It is the chakra that most influences Intercommunication and
our "personas." It is also the link between Emotion and Thought.

Vortex or Petals: 16

Key Word: Creative

Goals: Clear Communication, Creativity, Resonance

Rights: To speak and be heard

Identity: Creative

Demon/Trickster: Lies

Element: Sound

Number: 5

Sense: Hearing

Energy: Fire

Glands & Organs: Throat, Thyroid, Nerves, Eyes, Muscles

Note: g #  Mantra: Ham or u as in blue

Deities: Mercury, Apollo

Gemstones: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Chryoscolla, Green Aventurine

Essential Oils:  Aniseed, Blue chamomile, Cypress, Tea tree, Lavender, Sandal wood, Neroli, Clary Sage

Aura: Soma - 2 Blue/blue.

Sound: Flute or Woodwind

Shape: Inverted Pyramid.

Soul Lesson: Divine Will.

Seat of: Wisdom, Responsibility

Healthy Characteristics: a good communicator

Excessive Characteristics: Talk too much, Inability to listen, Overextended, and Stuttering

Deficient Characteristics: Fear of speaking, Poor rhythm

Treatments With Color: Use Blue for - Hyperthyroid, Sore throat, Inflammations, Burns, Skin irritations, Fever, Ear
infections, Over tiredness, Mental exhaustion, Gum inflammations, Ulcers, Digestive disorders, Nervousness, Colic,
Back pain,
Hemorrhoids, High blood pressure, Hyperactive or violent behavior.