June 2003

As a youngster like many other young ones I was brought up in a Christian family. Every Sunday was Church morning and evening. Now for some reason I had no problem with the concept of God. I did however have many questions about what I was being told. One of my big problems was how can someone be whatever he wants to be (Criminal, rapist, murderer etc.) and if he asks for forgiveness just before he dies and all is well. However if the next poor soul doesnít get around to it before he passes on he will be sent to eternal damnation. To me that just didnít make any sense. Here they tell me God is a loving God, then turn around and tell me there is a Hell. Now I donít know about you, but if one of my children messed up I am sure I could find it in my heart to forgive them and not send them to eternal torment. In that case I would have to think that makes me better than God. I DONíT THINK SO! Anyway that is just one problem I had with organized religion.

Now you go to school and they want to tell you we developed from apes. I had a problem with that also. They want me to believe that there was a big bang and the universe was created. That out of some primal soup life evolved. Well I guess my first question was where did whatever come from that blew up. How big must it have been? I mean after all we are just a little speck in a small galaxy in an out of the way corner of the universe. Which by the way no one really knows how big it is. They also want me to believe that we are the only "human" life forms in the universe. Now if you would figure that only one quarter of the stars have a solar system around them, how many planets would that be out there? I mean since the new telescope was put up they have found out that some of the "stars" out there are really more galaxies. Now I for one believe that every star probably has a solar system. If you consider that everything from the make up of an atom to our solar system is made up of bodies revolving around each other. Can you see where I was? Things just didnít make sense. I also do not believe that we are that special that we are the only inhabitants in the universe.

OK so here I am trying to figure out what all this is all about. So one day while I was employed at a job I dealt with the public someone tried to give me a clue. Unfortunately at the time I didnít get the meaning. I pulled into the driveway of a customerís house and commented to the spouse at that time that I wondered what the peopleís kitchen looked like since they painted it. Well when I knocked on the door and was let in there they were painting the kitchen. Now I know that no one paints a kitchen than a few weeks later paints it again. So I am standing there wondering what was going on. Now I know about reruns on TV, but in real life. Any way I knew what was going to be said before it was. Actually I could have answered their questions before they asked them (I was reliving the conversation) but couldnít. Now to many of you this may sound like a bunch of bunk, but it did actually happen. Well I got back to the car and to say the least I was at a complete loss as to what just happened. Someone at that time was telling me something, but I was to dumb or just not ready to listen. Donít you just love hindsight? Itís always twenty-twenty. Although as I looked back at it later in life it confirmed some things I was learning at the time.

Now I am muddling through life making more mistakes than I care to remember. I end up going through two failed marriages and other assorted upheavals in my life still wondering what we are here for. Surely there is more to this existence than just working all your life to be put six foot under. Why am I here? Where do I go when I die? Do I go to heaven or stay in the ground till the Second Coming like some religions tell us. If we stay in limbo or what ever state might be involved with the second coming, where will all these people fit when everyone from way back when till who knows when are called forth from the grave? You think the world is over crowded now? More things about organized religion that didnít make sense. Surely there must be more to this complex world than I am being told.

OK, now I start hearing mention about reincarnation. Now wait just a darn minute. You want me too believe I will come back here as who knows what. That just goes against everything I have learned to this point in my life. Pooh Paw that! NO way! Canít be! Never happen!

Fast-forward a couple years. New job, New wife, (some people are slow learners) life is looking up. Now about this time I was getting interested in physic issues. One gentleman I got to know at my new job was also interested in physic happenings. In fact he had some physic abilities. In our conversations we often had reincarnation came up. OK, talk to me and see if you can convince me itís real. Well he made enough sense I listened to him. He turned me onto Edgar Casey, a.k.a. the sleeping prophet. So I get this book Many Mansions and start reading it. If you know about Casey Iím sure you heard of the book. If not do yourself a favor and get hold of a copy and read it with an open mind. Well I figured if he could in fact do readings for people and come up with remedies for their illnesses he must be for real. So now I am really interested in this guy. So I start reading other books about him. Gee he did readings about all kinds of things. Woops here is that reincarnation again. My, My, he isnít sure about it either. Letís just say after he did more readings he was convinced it was real. All right let me read up on this reincarnation and have more discussions about it. Letís just say it answered quite a few questions science nor religion could answer. I guess itís like they say, when you are ready to advance the right circumstances come along. If only I would have wised up years ago, but letís not forget you canít live in the past. You only have the present and the future that you can do anything about.


So here I am, late thirties, learning about reincarnation and checking out anything I can find about physic happenings. They are telling me Iím here to learn lifeís lessons and progress toward perfection so I need not come back to the earth plane. Iím being told we choose the life we have. I ask myself, "Self how many more time must we come back?" How many times have I lived? Am I clearing karmic debt or building it? Did I really opt for what Iím doing or is my free will making lots of mistakes. You know what, I have a lot to learn.

Now for the next fifteen years or so Iím trying to support and raise a family, learn what I can about why we are here, and explore the supernatural in general. In this process I learned about a physic by the name of Sylvia Browne. She says that we pick our parents. OK if thatís true, why didn't I pick parents that would teach me about reincarnation and physic things? Why didnít I pick rich parents so I wouldnít have to work for a living? Why didnít I find out about all this at a younger age? I felt that I wasted a lot of years and still felt that I was missing something. I was actually to the point that I was ready to get my promotion to the other side and get started with the next life with an earlier start if I needed to come back. Now understand I never thought about doing my self in, as that is a big no no. I just couldnít have cared less if it would have happened right then. Something is still missing. That much I was sure of.

About three years ago or so my kids are talking about this woman that can tell you the future. Now since I am interested in this sort of thing I figure I should meet this person. Happens she is a bartender at a local hotel. So I go there one evening when she is working to talk to her. First thing she tells me after we are introduced is that I have a heart blockage. Now that really did not make me feel real great as I figured she meant as in a blood vessel. So Lisa (thatís her name) proceeds to tell me more about my wife than me. She was right on the money about what she was saying. As I went alone Lisa had to be picking this up on her own. Now Lisa starts talking about Chakras, something called Reiki, (Pronounced Ray Key) and energy flows and blockages. What I really wanted was a reading, but ended up making an appointment for a "healing". Now I am one that is willing to try almost anything once. So what would be the worst thing that could happen having a beautiful woman give you a healing. I really did not think it would be anything, but I knew I would at least be able to talk without all the bar room noise. So with the appointment made all I could do was wait for the appointed time.

I get to Lisaís "work place" for my "healing". Itís nothing fancy, one big room with a desk, Massage table, a counter of sorts, potters wheel, and a cabinet if I recall correctly. There were candles burning along with incense and the smell of sage. So we talk a little and I get my healing which actually is a matter of balancing the energy and opening the Chakras and allowing the Reiki energy to flow through her hands and into me. I felt a sensation of warmth from her hands as she did the different hand positions. The session lasted something better than an hour. When I left, Lisa said I should feel the affects of the treatment in a couple days. I can tell you I did feel relaxed when I left there, but still had my doubts. I believe it was on the third day after I had the healing that I noticed I was walking with a different step in my walk. I actually felt better than I had in a while. As I found out the Reiki energy not only balances your systems, it also helps rid the body of issues that no longer serve you. That whole subject is another matter, which I wonít go into here. OK, I guess I might just have to look into this a little more.

So after a couple more "healings" I finally get around to having a past life reading done. Now to say the least I have had some interesting past lives. Just a one quick example, I never cared for any art works except oil paintings. Had no reason to question why I didnít appreciate other forms such as pastels or watercolors, I just didnít. It seems that in a past life I was an artist who did oil paintings. Now since that day I find I can appreciate all form of paintings. You see when you find the cause for a certain fixation in your life it can change you. All right, this is getting interesting. My next question was what comes next. Lisaís answer was the next step would be to get attuned to Reiki so I could work on myself, since Reiki is meant mostly for self-healing. Make the appointment and letís go for it.

Itís Saturday morning at the appointed time and Iím ready to go for it. Now I wonít go into any details about the attunement process. Suffice it to say I was sitting there with my eyes closed as instructed. When Lisa was done and told me to open my eyes, I thought someone else was there for a few seconds. Lisa appeared to be surrounded in a bluish hue and looked very oriental when I first opened my eyes than she transformed back to normal. This only happened on the first attunement. My instructions were to do a self-healing every day for four weeks. I can tell you this; the first week was very interesting. Mood swings like you wouldnít believe, which was not normal for me. Some might disagree with me on that, but believe me when I say it was not normal.

In this process of new learning you get to meet many new people since you are working in a new circle of people. Through Lisa I met Rachel Ginther who runs The Garden Of One. Rachael makes sprays and essences to help the process of clearing and healing. Rachel is so much more than that and please do yourself a favor and check out her web site. My honest feeling is that between Lisa and Rachel they did more to change my life than anything else. They introduced me to Reiki, vibrational sprays and essences and so much more. My only regret is that The Garden Of One is in New York and Iím in Pa. I would like to spend more time there to learn even more and bask in the wonderful energy thatís there.

Another wonderful person I got to meet is the Rev. Daniel Chesbro who runs the Sanctuary of The Beloved. Dan ordains people into the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood. He travels around the world and ordains anyone that feels moved to become a member of the priesthood. In 2001 I felt moved to join the Order of Melchizedek, and was ordained in October of that year.

As of now I am a Reiki Master and a Melchizedek priest. If any part of what you have read resonates with your soul please look into it, as it is then your time to advance to the next level in your quest for perfection of the soul. If on the other hand you feel nothing sounds right to you, that all right also. That just means you are not ready yet. When the time is right, the right circumstances will present themselves.

Who knows where the future will lead? I for one hope Iíll be ready for the next step.

May Love and Light surround you!

Fall/Winter 2004

When I was led to write the story above, I didnít realize it was trying to tell me something. I had been straying off the path I had been on and the urge to write about Reiki was trying to push me back. I had become too involved in everyday things that I was putting to much importance in. I was forgetting to live in the here and now. Thinking too much about the past which we can do nothing about. Worrying about the future that will take care of itself if we live right in the present. Donít you just love hindsight!

Letís digress a bit and relate some lessons learned that should have kept me straight.

The love of animals

I have always just shook my head every time I saw somebody get all chocked up over their cat or dog or whatever being sick or dieing. I mean after all itís just an animal. Now donít get me wrong I have nothing against animals. I love wildlife. Spent a lot of time checking out the fauna. Spent hours driving around a state park in the area where hunting isnít allowed photographing deer. I have even gone to the upper reaches of New Hampshire just to film moose. I live in Pa. Got up at 4AM on vacation to be out in the woods at daybreak. I did get moose on video. I feed the birds (and squirrels) so I am not an ogre. Have had dogs at times and usually always a cat or two. At this particular time we had two cats living with us. I came home from work one evening, either late fall or early winter, and sitting on my doorstep was a small kitten. I told her we had enough cats and that she should go somewhere else. Well in the morning when I went out to go to work this fur ball was sitting between the house and a broom that was propped up against the house. She didnít look to healthy and I suspect she would have been history in another couple days. So against my better judgment I put out some cat food and water. To be honest I didnít trust letting her in the house because I didnít know if she was sick. It was apparent she was bad off. So the choice was made! I had the wife call a vet and make an appointment to get her checked out. A short time prior to this I had been told I had a new spirit guide named Two Pines. For some reason I got the distinct feeling Two Pines had something to do with this whole deal. I knew that the vet would want a name when we went there, so I decided t honor my guide and call her Two Pines. You think I didnít get some kind of look on that one. Try telling a vet you named your cat after a spirit guide. This poor thing had a beat up paw that was raw and sore, had one eye that was not looking to good and about as scrawny as you can get. The vet said there was nothing seriously wrong with her except being undernourished. So we got her her shots and some medicine to fix her up. The vet said he thought she was about 8 to 10 weeks old because of her size. I figured much older. Well it wasnít to long after she was getting regular meals that she went into heat. Guess what! More money at the vets. Now this cat was very skittish and I guess I canít blame her. She really didnít want me near her most of the time. The one good thing that came out of the operation was she left me do quit a bit of Reiki on her when she got home. Well needless to say I did for this cat what I said I would never do. But Two Pines has taught me why people feel the way they do with their four legged family members. She has the run of the house as long as she stays off the table and kitchen counters. She sleep with us, gets fed treats on my computer desk, makes me lean back on my chair so she can lay on my chest and wakes me at four in the morning for reiki and it has to be my left hand. Guess what! I wouldnít have it any other way. I can tell you this; if something happens to her before me I will be shedding tears over her. So, I was still on my path of advancing my soul. Just another of lifeís lessons. Thank you Two Pines, the both of you.

Shortly after I started writing this one Friday morning as I was getting ready to go to work we got a phone call. It was the county coronerís office. They were calling to tell us that our youngest son was in a car accident and didnít make it. I can tell you this; it was not something I ever thought could happen to us. I know everything happens for a reason and have my own ideas why this happened when it did. After seeing the car and the place where the accident happened there is no doubt in my mind this was supposed to have been the time Jason chose to go home to the other side. That does not make dealing with it any easier because it leaves an empty spot in our hearts and lives. The reason I included this here is to drive home the fact that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So donít think I can take care of this or that tomorrow as it might be your time or someone you loveís time. Think about what is important to you. What would you want to do if you knew your time was near to go home to the other side? Maybe, just maybe you might want to change your priorities. I hope and pray that anyone reading this never has to go through the death of one of their children. But, just in case donít be afraid to hug your kids and tell them you love them every chance you get. As far as that goes donít stop with your children, make that for anyone you care about. I had to write this tonight as the urge hit me, but donít know when the urge will strike to continue what I was writing.

July 2005

I have been getting the feeling I needed to start writing again, so here goes. I will go back to fall of last year.

The Garden at Thunder Hill was having a weekend with Max the Crystal Skull and JoAnn Parks. If you never heard of crystal skulls here is a link to a story about Max or do a web search on them. I had seen Max in Pottstown, Pa, but the wife could not go because it was on the second floor and she is handicapped and there was no elevator. Since she wanted to see Max I called Rachel at the Garden to see what kind of layout she had at Thunder Hill. I had been to her place in Medusa, NY but hadnít been to the new one. After ascertaining that it would be user friendly for the wife I made arrangements to go. I will say this, if you ever get the chance to see Max, take it you wonít be disappointed.

In the course of the weekend while talking with Rachel I came to the realization that I hadnít been to her place for three years. I had a hard time believing it had been that long, but it had been. That was another wake up call that I was drifting away from my goals of becoming more spiritual.

At first I had my reservations about the Garden at Thunder Hill as compared to the Medusa property. One of the reasons I believe was that I loved the labyrinth that Rachel had made there. It was back an old logging road and set back in the woods. It was a wonderful place to go walk the labyrinth and just sit in the middle of it and relax. There was one time that my daughter Beth, Lisa and I were sitting in the middle of the labyrinth just talking and a deer walked by behind Lisa and Myself that Beth got to see. Rachel has assured me that she has a spot picked out in the woods to layout a labyrinth at the current location.

I have come to find out that they are different in several ways. I really havenít had the chance to explore the new place because of time restraints and weather when Iíve been there. There is a large lake just behind the house and if you walk around the back of the lake there is a small pond that sits in a small valley that is just such a wonderful place to go. This summer they build a sweat lodge by the pond. Just off to the side of the house there is a labyrinth and just beyond the labyrinth Rachel has made a fairie garden. That is a very interesting place to sit. I have also discovered there are some interesting things going on there. Now I donít know if itís just me, but I have taken some very interesting photos there. You are welcome to check them out and see what you think they are. I have my own ideas that I will keep to myself. You can see them here. This I can state without reservation, the energy at the Garden at Thunder Hill is awesome, and I always feel rejuvenated when I leave there. I have met a lot of great people while attending work shops and retreats there and feel very blessed to be able to attend them. There are pictures available to view by going to this link.