These are just some of the
40+ buildings that are
preserved and only a tickling
of the items to be seen. You
can spend as little time as you
want or as much. We had
people spend all day in the
If you are interested in history and how they lived back in the 1860's and what mining
was about this is a don't miss. Don't expect a pristine city, after all it is a ghost town.
You will find it is not like most museums as here are only very few places you can not
walk into. Many things you can touch and in the dress shop you can try on hats. A big
hit with the kids. Many people that live or spend a lot of time in Yuma don't even know
this place exists. The proving grounds won't allow advertising signs to be posted. They
take them down when ever they tried to put some up. It is out of the way a bit. it sits in
the middle of the Kofa wildlife refuge 10 miles off RT95 at mile marker 55. There is
also a mine tour by reservation, but that will be another page. Below you will see some
of the benifits to volinteering at the museum.
That's our friend Buddy. Became
very spoiled during our stay. Would
actually stop and look in the screen
door at us if there was nothing out
for him to eat. He would also wait
until we put something out. Didn't
eat many leftovers with him there.