Welcome to my Hull Mine page
The Hull Mine was originally purchased to preserve the history that Kofa would have wiped off the face of the
desert. There was no intention to open it for tours because it would have involved to much work for just a
mine tour. But, in late 2016 a friend of the owners Allen and Stephine Armstrong was poking around in the
mine with black lights and discovered something amazing. A huge wall of fluorescent minerals which changed
what was to become of the mine. After Allen finally went into the mine and saw what he had everything
changed. (for the whole story take the tour) Well, from then till mid January 2018 it was all ahead to open.
The first tour was Jan. 10th and has been getting busier ever since. This is a world class feature and
everyone that has seen it has been amazed. (I can attest to that as I was one of the tour guides) Below is a
sampling of what you would see on the tour. Enjoy
The Tour Bus
Arrive in a specially build vehicle
Just a small sample of what awaits
to surround you in the fluorescent
room! Not to mention the amazing
phosphorescence after the black
lights go out.
The stagecoach stop
Peg's barroom, Undertaker and
Miners supply
Another happy tour group ends!