Hi, My names Lily. I'm the top one there on the right. The one
under me is my brother Spaz. He's no longer with us, but we'll
get into that later. The one on the bottom is Roxy, she's the bad
I saw that Lily, I'm not bad that's your opinion. We'll ask Dad
what he thinks about that.
Sure he'll stick up for you cause you kiss up to him. For now
just shut you gator mouth and let me continue. You'll get you
chance to voice your pinion soon nuff.
Right now we're waiting for Mom and Dad to make up their mind
what for RV they want to buy. Then we can try it out before our
lease runs out and we can go live on the road. Hey wait a
minute, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Forgive the lapse, but
we're excited about the future. At least I think we are, might no
like life on the road. Don't have any other cats to talk to too see
if it is fun. Damn, there I go again, don't tell Dad I said that. So
lets go back to when our life started with the humans we
adopted. Yes, we adopted them, just don't tell them, they think it
was their choice. "snicker"

Okay, this all started when Spaz and Me were dumped off at
the Humane Society. Our previous human didn't give any
information about us so they had to hold us for 30 day in case
he wasn't the owner. They soon discovered that my buddy Spaz
was blind, so they put us in a separate room. We decided we
wanted to stay together so we formed a plan. Spaz acted
helpless, and I played his care giver. Worked too, the society
bought it hook line and sinker.
 Now we just had to sit back and wait until we were up for adoption before we could look for our forever
family we wanted to adopt. There was a  nice lady that came in and spent time with us as much as she
could. You can't believe the pity Spaz could bring for us. Any way fast forward we were eligible to be
adopted. Now we knew it would be hard to find the right humans to care for us, but we sat back and
Come summer of 2015 the humane society was over loaded with kitties and they ran a free adoption
month. People came and people went. They looked but when they saw the notice Spaz was blind they
went on by. Since we had them snowed about me being needed for Spaz they pasted we were a pair if at
all possible.
One afternoon this big guy and his sweet lookin woman came by. I could see it in the mans eyes when
he read the sign and saw Spaz we had him but we had to sell Mom on us. Dad was hooked and I could
see he would take care of us if I could sell her. So I told Spaz to act helpless and I turned on the charm.
They continued to make the rounds. I told Spaz they'll be back and when the do, if they come in the room
turn on the charm and I'll suck up to mom.
Needless to say it worked cause here we are with our new slaves. We heard them telling mom and dad
they had to realize Spaz was a special needs kitty. Do this and do that when they got us home. Damn, we
are good actors. It was late afternoon, so we had to spend another night penned up.
So our new adopted parents picked us up with all kinds of instructions how to introduce us to our new
home. What a joke. Mom and Dad put us in the laundry room where our food, water and bathroom were.
Dad opened the door of the carrier and backed away. I told Spaz, get out there and show them you'll
learn your new home in a hurry.
Lily, Lily, Lily when are you gonna tell them about me, me, me?
Cool your paws Rox, you're a year down the road before you got here.
Yea but the people will get bored and quit reading before you get to me and won't know anything about
Go run up and down the hall and sound like a horse and let me get back to the story.
You go sit on Moms book she's tryin to read, and I'll take over here.
Rox, go sit in dads corner of the couch and zip it. She's good at that, as soon as dad gets up for
anything she flops her butt down and sits there like she's a queen.