OK, now we get serious about finding a coach we like and getting on the road. We
check dealers within 500 mile to see if we can find a good deal. Check on line private
listings from all over. Found one that really sounded good on Craig's list locally.
Called the number and the guy tell us he only posted the ad that his sister was
selling the coach. We can reach her by email. We contact her and she tell us she is in
the service and is being sent over seas. The coach is at an Amazon shipping center
and that we should send payment to Amazon and when she was notified that the
payment was there she would have the coach delivered to our address. If we were
happy with the coach and notified Amazon they would release the payment. We told
her we would like to see it before making any payment. She then informs us she is
stationed in South Dakota. Now we start smelling fish if you know what I mean. Hello
Goggle, what can you tell us? Sure enough scamsville. Well I email her back and tell
her we will be in SD and would like to see the unit in person. Needless to say we
heard no more from them. As if that wasn't bad enough we ran into 3 more scams.
Can't people earn a real living instead of trying to rip off people?
  Trying to find an older coach at a reasonable price at a dealer is a real treat.
Between their listing price and NADA price book we started looking for something
that we might be able to get within reason. We went to one dealer to look at a diesel
pusher that looked promising. The coach looked pretty nice, interior wasn't the best
but had possibilities. We decided it was worth taking out for a test drive. So the
salesman says we'll go out on I-4 in FL to see how she handles on a freeway. Well the
power seems good on the short distance to 4 so this should be alright. We get on the
ramp and hit the gas and accelerates really nice right up to 34 MPH and it's like she
has a governor on her. Petal on the floor and will not go over 34 MPH. Needless to say
there were a whole lot of people that were not at all happy being behind us. Horns
and fingers were coming our way big time. Most interesting 10 minute ride I've been
on. Can you say lets get outta here now. Bye, bye we're moving on.
  Then we have the consignment dealers. Now I know they have to make a profit, but
who knows how much the owner will settle for. With the help of NADA we start
looking for something close to what we are willing to pay. We figure if the asking is
close to our figure we'll go look at them. Never know where the right coach will be
and if they will come down in price. When you rule out any without at least one slide
your options are very limited in older coaches. We went here, we went there, we went
all over central FL from east coast to west coast. Drove one that shook and shimmed
so bad I thought one of the front wheels were going to fall off. I couldn't wait to get it
back and outta of it. There answer to that was the tires were flat spotted from sitting.
This was after it was driven like 30 miles from one dealership to another. Yea well I
wasn't buying that one. We decided to give up on that route and go for private sale.
After all we looked at and talked about we decided that a top line older coach was
best. Newmar, Tiffin and Thor moved to the top of the list. Back to Craig's list, see
what might show up on a Google search. So let's expand our search to other states
and see what we come up with. So we are looking from Texas to Tenn to Virginia and
every where in between. Nothing is looking promising for what we have in mind.
  Sharon finds an add of one on the west coast of FL, 2&1/2 hour drive. Pictures look
promising. I call the guy to see if it was still available and if there was any wiggle
room in the price. It was and there is wiggle room. We finally find the place and it
would appear that the picture was misleading. Outside looked much worse that the
picture showed. Well we came this far let's see what the inside looks like. I opened
the door and first thing I see is floor damage behind the drivers seat. One step up
and no way is this the one. Floor and sub floor is rotted from leaks. The guy says just
put some vinyl over it. Yeah that would solve the problem. That was a waste of a tank
of gas and a day wasted.
  Since we were getting really serious about getting out of the sticks and bricks we
started listing our belongings on Craig's list and Ebay. Wanted to be as close to ready
to move into our new home when we found it.
   Too shorten things up we found on Craig's list an older Newmar with low millage
up toward Daytona. Went to look at it ad inside was in great shape for it's age,
outside needed some TLC. Guy starts telling us minor things wrong with it, needs to
have air conditioner gasket replaces in neat future, Light cover broken front bumper
damage, etc. also told us they had just recently replaced the mattress. Turns out that
should have been a warning signal. Remember that if you run into someone like that
and learn from our mistake. Also saw that there was a tire with low pressure. Guy
said he would take care of it. Anyway we agreed on a price and put down money on
her and agreed to a date to pick her up. When we picked her up we were told that
the air conditioner gasket was replaced and the tire was fixed that it needed a new
valve stem. Wow, way cool that we didn't have to worry about that. I made
arrangements with our mechanic to check her out for any problems. We pulled into
the garage and the first thing he said was wow that's a beast. Ergo, she just got her
  This deal was made on a Thursday or Friday and that weekend we started getting
calls for our household ads. OK, so this must mean that we are on the right track and
things are coming together. Things are going out the door, The Beast got serviced and
checked out. Only needed some windshield washer hoses and a light bulb,
everything else was in good shape.
  The first problem is where are we going to put it until we're ready to take off. We
knew we needed to find somewhere that we could get her detailed because she was
in dire need of some polishing and waxing. Couldn't decide how long it would take to
get ready. After checking prices and what was available with all the snowbirds in
Florida site were not easy to find. After many phone calls and Internet searches we
decided to rent a site for a month since it would assure us enough time and made
the cost more logical.